An Actor’s Work in LA

In order to succeed in this town you need to work on four things:

1. Training – You need to be a great actor. Yes – great, professional, and know your craft. You also need to know who you are and exactly what it is you’re selling. You must know how to prepare and be the best you can so when opportunities arise you will have your best shot. There is no excuse for not being well trained and prepared physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is a competitive profession and you need to become an expert in your craft. The saddest thing to me is to see an actor get an opportunity and then simply not be good enough. They didn’t get the training they should have.

2. Work and Experience – Actors should be WORKING ALL THE TIME. There is no excuse for an actor not to be working, whether it is theater, independent film, TV, a web series, or a scene in class. Actors need to be working, staying in shape. Each working opportunity is an opportunity to grow, learn, gain experience, and add to your resume. You, as an actor, need to learn to CREATE your own work, not wait around for someone to give it to you. You need to have a mindset of, “There is plenty of work and I create my own”.

3. Get Your Work Seen – You need to have a plan to take action to get the people who are in a position to help get you work, to see your work. It sounds simple, yet this seems to be the most difficult thing for actors to accomplish. This is usually where they give up.

4. Love it – Yes, you need to enjoy your work, and enjoy the process. You need to be in touch with yourself, your passion, your creative artist, and enjoy the work. It sounds simple, yet this is where actors burn out, give up and lose touch with that part of themselves. We need to take care and nurture that part of ourselves.

At the Actors Workout Studio, there is simply no reason not to be working and moving your career forward. We have a strong training program & performance opportunities for all actors. We have been in business for over 25 years. Our reputation is well known, our facility fertile and inviting, and our location desirable and centrally located for industry to attend.

Fran Montano, Artistic Director

The Actors Workout Studio

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