AWS Member Presents West Coast Premiere of “Obamanologues”

Politics meets prose in the theatrical production entitled “Obamanolgues”, which opens in North Hollywood, CA this Fall. “Obamanologues” (pronounced Obama-na-logs) is the intersection of the two words Obama and monologues. Obamanologues is neither pro-democrat nor pro-republican; it’s pro-theatre! This theatrical play, which premiered last Fall in Washington, DC, makes its West Coast debut shortly after members of Congress return from their summer recess. Obamanologues comprises eleven chronological monologues — beginning with the 2004 Democratic National Convention Conference and ending with the Obama Administration’s first 100 days in office. Each monologue presents a different and unique perspective on Barack Obama and his historical journey to the White House. 

The play focuses on dynamic characters who depict palpable moments of euphoria and disappointment, anger and frustration, pride and joy. The monologues, which are presented by characters of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, political affiliations, and socioeconomic groups,  are delivered in styles ranging from comedic to rebellious; they depict the emotions and behaviors displayed by people in living rooms, classrooms, offices, and churches throughout the country. 

Mr. R.M. Peete, writer and director, developed the play in early 2009 with the objective of exploring prevalent themes heard within the public discourse during our most recent presidential election season. He felt it necessary to “artistically capture the many disparate voices shouting to be heard throughout the country, and then bring those disparate voices to the stage.” Also, he says, “the passage of time affords us a level of freedom for objectively reflecting on this very controversial period in our history. Hopefully, Obamanologues helps us in some way to gain a deeper understanding of that period and ourselves.”

Obamanologues runs at the Actors Workout Studio (4735 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA, 91602) on Sundays only (2pm and 6pm performances), September 26 thru November 14, 2010. Preview performances are on Sunday, September 26 @ 2 p.m and 6pm. For more information call (323) 207-6384 and go to: Obamanologues’s web site.

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