Play Readings at AWS

We will be having two evenings of play readings this weekend at The Actors Workout Studio, starring short one acts written by writers from First Stage.

FRIDAY 3/18/11 at 8 PM and SUNDAY 3/20/11 at 7 PM
Reservations required – 818-506-3903

The Actors Workout Studio
4735 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91602

FRIDAY 3/18 at 8 PM
China Cup – By Dan Roth
Death For Hire – by Samuel Toll
Feeding Time at the Human House – by David Weiner
Hanging Around – By Samuel Toll
People’s Prada – by Felix Racelis
Snowmen – by Dan Roth
Swing – by Thomas J. Misuraca

SUNDAY 3/20 at 7 PM
Can We Talk? – By Samuel Toll
Driving Green – By Martin Blank
Educating Eddie – by Gregory Lawrence Stewart
Intervention Blues – By Samuel Toll
No Limits – by Chritsine Rosensteel
Revenge is Best Served Cold – by Samuel Toll
The Perfect Place for You – by Gregory Lawrence Stewart
Wet Asphalt – by Dan Roth

With Performances by:
Katy Pollock, Martin McSweeney, Mick Montgomery, Jenny Montgomery, David Dean, Bobby Martin, Andrew Benne, Marcia Newman, Ali Kendall, Adam Hockenberry, Karina Buettgenbach, Chris Shumway, Ken Matsui, George Griffith, Jim Pacitti, Vane Millon, Sheryl Kramer, Erika Heidewald, Rickie Peete, KC White, Conrad Dunn, Carlene Olson, Khaled Saab, Paul Respass, Marcie Barkin, Jeff Freeman, David Shackleford, Fran Montano, Ellen Dimler, Phil D’Amour, Stacie Wengryn, plus more..

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