AWS Actor Booking Update: Rickie Peete

Actor Rickie Peete Capitalizes on Actors Workout Studio Training

Stay tuned for Episode 12939 of the perennial daytime soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL. Actors Workout Studio’s Rickie Peete, who does training with Fran Montano and also coaches Actors Workout Studio repetition sessions, will appear on GENERAL HOSPITAL as an orderly in an “under-five” role. He shot the episode last week, which airs Wednesday, November 20, 2013.

“My agent got a call from (casting director) Gwen Hillier out of the blue,” Rickie said. “She was interested in new faces, so she searched through breakdowns for strong actors she hadn’t met yet and came across my headshot.”

Gwen set up a “general meeting” at her office for Rickie through his agent. She told Rickie that she casts various under-five roles across any given season and had him cold read for the role of a cop. Ms. Hillier said she’d contact him when she had a role that fit. She told Rickie it could be in a week, a month, or even a year, but to keep her updated on his work via postcards.

“She seemed to really like my cold read,” Rickie said. “I wasn’t so sure about the read, but, evidently I did better than I thought.” She called back a couple of months later and booked him on the show. He said that training gained at Actors Workout Studio helped him with the audition process.

“I knew how to prepare quickly on a relationship, because she gave me about ten minutes, basically it was a cold read,” he said. “I knew how to just bring myself into the audition, because that’s basically what she was interested in. Instead of me trying to give her my idea of a police officer, I gave her me as a police officer.”

Once on set, Rickie found the training gained at Actors Workout Studio come into full play. “It gave me a comfort level to go on set with people I had never met before and to be grounded and comfortable,” he said. “Knowing that I can bring myself and that would be good enough, versus me trying to be someone else or having some idea that I’m trying to reach that’s outside of me. I was confident in my ability to prepare.”

Look for Rickie on GENERAL HOSPITAL this season. His other projects include PRAY TO BALL, premiering March 2014 at the Skylight Theater in Hollywood, and the feature films AJIT (wrote/directed) and LINEAGE.

Written by Chris Karmiol

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