The Actors Workout Studio Theater Renovation

aws front exterior red new theater seats AWS outside people new seats with people

Thank you to all who helped in the transformation of The Actors Workout Studio!

As we approach 25 years, we have new, welcoming theater seats.

The original seats were from NBC Studios from the Johnny Carson Show.

These new seats are from the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences.

We are grateful to those whose enchanting, effervescent energy helped beautify our theater, and we look forward to filling the seats with audiences that will experience the remarkable talent that is living at AWS.

 This transformation happened in a 24 hour period with the help of many people.

A special thank you to all who were a part of making this happen:

Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, Victoria Ouellet, Shana McGinnis, Jeanette O’Connor, Kimberly Stanphill, Rickie Peete, Chris Karmiol, John Gale, Jack Bennett, Walter Painter, Garrett Schuster, Dexter Holman, Sergiu Iva, Graydon Stroud, Drew Hellenthal, Monica Schober, Catherine Warner, Dolores Aguanno, Irene Muzzy, Carlene Olson, Stephanie Sheh, Nathan Johnson, Caitlin Michael Riley, and all who sent us good energy.

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