Toys for Tots Holiday Show

It’s that time of year!!
Our annual Holiday Show
to benefit


  Friday 12/12 and Sat 12/13
Two nights only

Hello all –
As you know, each year at this time we celebrate with a Holiday Show that benefits Toys for Tots. This season we are having 3 different shows with great entertainment. Always a good time, a chance to celebrate, be grateful, laugh, and help underprivileged children have a better holiday. This year you can donate even if you can’t make one of our live performances!
Happy Holidays!
– Fran Montano, Artistic Director

Purchase your tickets here:

Can’t make it to the show? Donate here:

Friday Night, 12/12 at 8 PM

Chris Fletcher’s The Cool School
 Anna Beatriz, Cynthia Brando, Lynz Floren, MadLyn,
The Boys from Mad Temple,
and other surprise guests

Saturday Night, 12/13 at 8 PM

*SLOW… Children at Play*
“S…CAP” has been performing comedy improv shows in North Hollywood since 1998. The shows mostly involve short form improv but the group also does multi-media, sketch along with some long form. S…CAP is based at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre at 11006 Magnolia Blvd and information on the shows, cast, corporate performances & on-going improv classes can be found at
Tim Simek, Laura Buckles, Rosanne Limeres, Shannan Leigh,
Jackie Moses, Mandy Sestak, and Wade MacDonald

*The Dick & The Dame: Improv Noir*
“The Dick & The Dame: Improv Noir” is a daring, unique and award-winning two-person show that brings the gritty underbelly of 1940’s Los Angeles to life in hilariously twisted ways. John Conroy and Stacy Rumaker improvise a spiderweb of corruption, deceit, greed, sex and laughs, set during the dark and dangerous days of Tinseltown’s most iconic period.

*LPNSImprov presents Makin’ a Movie*
The LPNSImprov “Makin’ a Movie” LPN Studio Improv Format Show is a full blown performance with wardrobe and props from an actual treasure chest, yet it’s 100% on the fly. LPNSI members create ambiance and environment. Players present fleshed out truthful performances. High comedy with seriously grounded characters. The performers are “writing” a script, live right before your eyes. It is so smart it will seem scripted …. but IT’S NOT!!! Without blatant exposition, we take you into our movie. For information on future shows visit
with The Mad Jackrats:
Lauren Patrice Nadler, Christina Orloff, Micky Shiloah,
Michael Franklin, Jeremy Howard, Kuali’i Wittman,
Tomeka Sullivan, Chadwick Armstrong, Kyle Allen,
Susana Woo, and Matt Helfer

Saturday Night,12/13 at 10 PM

*Solid Gold Forever*
Solid Gold Forever performs as part of UCB’s consistently sold out Harold Night and Harold Matinee shows. We’re a fun, high energy team consisting of Josh Brekhus, Ian Brennan, Danny Cohen, Jesse Glasgow, Casey Gullickson, Ryan Hitchcock, Mal Merpi, & Mark Mitchell, and coached by UCB veteran performer Suzi Barrett. Individually our credits include TV shows like Glee, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Key & Peele, and The Morning After and various commercials.

*Eggs Con Huevo*
Longform improv from a bunch of silly billies who thrive on
fast yet grounded play and tons of group support.
Daniel Cohen, Minhdzuy Khorami, Myles Kirchner,
Greg Smith, Genetra Tull, and Wendy Zehder

*Burgers are Forever*
“Burgers Are Forever” is a long form improv group developed in los angeles.
We bonded over our love of long form improv, comfort food and puns.
Connie Shin, Thomas Ochoa, Jake Goldman,
Dick Beck, Taylor Orci, and Jared Nigro

Regatta, a house improv team at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater, performs a stylized Armando, where any of the members, during any part of the show, will pour their goofy hearts out to inspire scenes.
Rich Baker, Kiki Aldonas, Sally Chekan,
Judd Cherry, Lauren Gaw, Jessica Lee, Sam Mark,
Leah Romond, Gary Tiedemann, and Rob Wallace

Purchase your tickets here:

Can’t make it to the show? Donate here:

 The Actors Workout Studio
4735 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91602
Tickets are $15

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