Scene Presentation Nights!! Friday and Saturday at 8pm

You’re invited!!
The Actors Workout Studio
Scene Presentation Night
Friday, 2/27 and Saturday 2/28 at 8 PM
Admission is Free

All AWS members and guests are invited. RSVP required.

Come and see members of Irene’s Monday and Saturday classes perform an evening of scenes. Two evenings of prepared scenes.
Come see the work, and get together with the AWS community!!
Free admission, feel free to bring a friend.
This might be crowded, so reserve your seat!
Call 818-506-3903

Friday Night 8 PM (5 scenes)
Monica Mauro, Jasz Harvey, Bryant Elsayed, Shawn Davis, Rosie Lesso, Stephanie Story, Erie Stillions, Dagney Kerr, Matt McGee

Saturday Night 8 PM (6 scenes)
Same scenes and actors as Friday with an additional scene with
Graydon Stroud and Sergiu Iva

The Actors Workout Studio – Vision Statement
“…The life of an artist is a path, a continual journey. There is no end goal, only a series of experiences that fuel that journey. The growth of any artist is directly related to the risk, commitment, and discipline toward their work. The Actors Workout Studio is committed to the development and growth of the creative artist. This involves professional training, coaching, performing, and networking opportunities in the entertainment industry….”

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