Pro Actors Lab inspired by Michael Masini

Pro Actors Lab: The Art of Booking TV/Film led by AWS Alumni member Michael Masini, a professional actor and producer. Michael recently appeared on TV Shows MODERN FAMILY, MYSTERIES OF LAURA, SCORPION, RECKLESS, ANGER MANAGEMENT, FRANKLIN & BASH, EAGLEHEART, HIT THE FLOOR, THE PROTECTOR, & AMERICONS.

mike masini cropped 2

He is also repped by the top management company in the world: UNTITLED ENTERTAINMENT.

IMDB link: Michael Masini – IMDbPro

These are two hour workout labs offered daily for professional actors at AWS.

They are designed to get you confident, powerful, electric and free in every room so you own the role!

If you’re interested in this new program,  contact Caitlin at These labs are FREE for all AWS current members.

 Two hour workout labs offered daily for professional actors

This is your chance to practice every day! Rehearse your auditions, practice cold reading, work on camera or enhance your improv skills.

This is not an acting class. These are a series of fun exercises in freedom to be fully open, alive, powerful, grounded and electric in every audition to light up a room with your skill.


Actors Lab inspired by AWS Actor Michael Masinimike masini cropped 1

Michael is a successful actor, producer and former professional athlete. He applies the same work    ethic in every aspect of his career. Practice, practice, practice.  “Everything came together in 2013 and I started booking and getting called back on everything.  Booking 8 TV shows, 2 Feature Films, 5 National Commercials and Signing with the top management company in the world in the last 2 years.   I want to pass on what I learned “WORKS” to give you a strong  sense of stillness, power, energy, confidence and freedom when you walk into any room, knowing you will be in the conversation for the role.”  This is not a method or style that will confuse you.  It is based on principals of how to make an audition or scripted material as loose and free as an improv with the most exciting choices.  It’s fun, easy and effortless and casting will love and remember you and keep calling you back”.

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