Writers Workshop Weekly at AWS

Writers’ Group at The Actors Workout Studio

What: A group of writers that meets every week to develop one-act plays for “The Park Project”, a stage production at the Actors Workout Studio

When: Every Sunday morning 10am-noon.

Who: Beginning, emerging and established writers are all welcome. Actors are encouraged to attend—there will be opportunities for you to participate.

Each week, this writers’ group will meet to develop, write, and polish one-act plays designed to be put up on stage at the Actors Workout Studio.

Businesswoman and businessman sitting on park bench

“Night at The Park” One-Act Plays at AWS

Each week, this writers’ group will meet to develop, write, and polish one-act plays designed to be put up on stage at the Actors Workout Studio.

This group will include everyone, from published writers who are looking to put up a new piece to beginning writers who don’t know how to start a one-act, but want to try. Writers can come to the group with nothing but an idea (or not even that; just a desire to write), a completed draft, or anything in between. The group is free-flowing and designed to meet the writer wherever they are in their craft or process.

Here are the only “rules:”

  • The play must be set in a park
  • It must be a one-act of no more than 15 pages

Writers can bring in a variety of material to be workshopped. This can include (but is not limited to) the following list:
If you have something else you’d like to try, great!

  • Pitch an idea or story
  • Do an improv (with actors) to dig deeper into the story and characters
  • Go over a beat sheet or breakdown
  • Open up a discussion about your characters (you might even cast an actor as your character or cast YOURSELF as that character and answer questions in character)
  • Read the opening or ending of your draft (with or without actors)
  • Cold Read a few pages or entire draft (assign actors who are in the group that day)
  • Cast actors prior to the meeting and do a prepared read (you can use actors already in the group or bring in your own people).

To attend, email the Actors Workout Studio and we will contact you with more details.
**If you are a member of AWS, this is part of your curriculum.** If you are an outside writer interested in attending, there will be a small tuition.stephanie storey

The workshop will be led by Stephanie Storey. Stephanie has an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, and in the spring of 2016, Arcade Publishing will release her debut novel, Oil and Marble. Stephanie has four feature films under option with directors and talent attached, and as a television producer and writer, her shows have won NAACP Image Awards (Tavis Smiley on PBS) and been nominated for a primetime Emmy (The Writers’ Room with Jim Rash on the Sundance Channel).

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