About the Studio

The Actors Workout Studio is a Los Angeles acting school that offers a safe and challenging work environment for the beginning or professional actor. The Studio is dedicated to training and preparing actors for professional work in the film and television industry. Classes are small and very individualized. Everyone works—every class.

Classes at the Studio include Scene Study, Cold Reading, Improvisation, On-Camera Scene Study, Meisner Technique, and many other techniques designed to address the specific needs of the individual actor. Class members are also able to audition for parts in award-winning theatrical productions that are regularly staged in the Studio’s two theater spaces.

Fran Montano is an Emmy award-winning acting coach and master teacher. He has been teaching acting in Los Angeles for over 15 years, based on the Meisner Technique as taught by the late Edward Kaye-Martin. He has performed in dozens of stage productions, television shows and films, and has directed and produced for both stage and television.

Fran is uniquely gifted in troubleshooting the particular blocks that are holding an actor back form reaching their full potential, and in helping them break through those blocks.

“Art is a process, a continual journey. There is no end goal for the artist, only a series of steps along the way. The growth of any artist is directly related to the risk, commitment, and discipline toward their work. The Actors Workout Studio is committed to the development and growth of the creative artist. This commitment involves professional training, coaching, performance, and networking opportunities in the entertainment industry.”

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